Kim Ramón

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Kim Ramón's Demo Reel, set to "Lament in the Trampled Garden", Performed by Penderecki String Quartet, Composed by Marjan Mozetich, Courtesy of the Canadian Music Centre & Centrediscs.

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"The Imagine Neighborhood" podcast ties-up it's Allstate Foundation granted 6-part series, ' Imagine Equity: Six New Stories About Race, Identity, and Making Things Right'
"The Imagine Neighborhood"'s mini-series "Imagine Equity" tackles some big topics for kids and adults alike. The podcasts, now going into it's 3rd season, wraps-up with an unprecedented 2-part finale, where Kim Ramón's motorcycle ridging, lead guitarist of a metal band & desert-living Doctor 'Doc Apoc' Apocalypso addresses discrimination. Here's a sneak-peak, with a very special, very catchy tune, with vocals performed by Kim, lyrics by Bilal Dardai, and composed, performed and additional lyrics by Lindsay Jones. For the satisfaction of hearing the cadence, along with the full Part 1 episode, follow this here link: Doc Apoc Has A Beef.

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