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Global Presence
A global artist, I've collaborated on voiceover projects with clients all over the world and on every continet (save for Antartica- I'm working on it...), some of which are mapped-out below.
I’m dedicated to aligning myself with cruelty-free|non-profit|purpose-driven|eco-friendly organizations & companies, so if this resonates with your project, I would love to collaborate.
Connecting with Kim Ramón

Please feel free to reach-out to my agent via e-mail for any inquiries, including gaining access to film footage as well as self-tape production quality capabilities for the current world. Audio Production and some Foley effects are also within my skillset, as well as authentic quick-study pronunciation of several foreign languages. Reach-out and ask if I would feel confident performing your script- past client's asks have included an Inuit company requesting Inuktitut. Collaborations with fellow Canadians is a total bonus.

I am passionate about supporting cruelty-free and eco-friendly companies, and so if this resonates with your 2024 project, I would love to work with you.

“Kim's performance was fantastic. She took direction incredibly well and even handled a couple last minute changes very professionally. Kim is amazing and a joy to work with. She's a talented performer, and very very funny!”

~Scotty Iseri, Committee for Children
“We've worked with Kim now on 5 videos and have had an excellent experience working with her. She provides great reads, takes direction and notes well, and has a very professional and timely workflow. Highly recommended.”

~Matt Helfgott, Hey Hero
“I'm simply blown away by Kim's talent. Such a great voice and professionalism, plus super fast turnaround.”

~Daniel Juarez, Tropvisual
"Kim was really quick to understand our exact requirements and able to deliver the voiceovers in a very short period of time even though the scripts were very lengthy.

We would love to work with her again and strongly recommend her.”

~Anveshnath Cheruku, Komarka Advertising Agency Private Limited
“A talented professional that takes direction very well, offers a quick turnaround and is a great communicator, Kim was a pleasure to work with. And she's Canadian.”

~Julian DeZorzi, VisInc
“From audition to delivery, every step of the process with Kim was a textbook example of how voice actors should conduct business.

Additionally, something that not a lot of producers consider, is the quality of the audio recording. With Kim, she's clearly using broadcast grade equipment and lots of common issues (noise floor, popping p's, dynamic range) were of A+ quality. My audio mixer told me he only had to change the volume to match our music and used NO FILTERS on her audio file. I've never encountered that before.

Our turnaround was quick and on our busiest day of client notes, Kim was working in real time sending us changes and hitting notes as soon as they came in.

We are absolutely hiring Kim in the future and if you're considering her for a job, it's really a no brainer.“

~Loren Semmens for Sports Research
Frank da Costa - Agent
736 Bathurst Street, Suite 201
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5S 2R4 (416)322-6554
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