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    A classically trained singer, Kim Ramón knows how to connect with text in multiple languages, thriving off of the process of thorough character analysis. Having started in theatre, performing numerous roles in musicals, operas as well as plays, she has branched-off into voice over & film work, fulfilling her passion for all things performance as a multi-hyphenate. From character roles kids content to Non-profit ad campaigns, Kim's versatility is vast. A lover of all living things, she works well with animals.
Film Reel
For access to further footage and scene work, as well as self-tape production quality sampling for the current situation, please contact Kim Ramón.
V.O. Demos
Voice Over Reel
Kim Ramón's '"Daughter" Entrati' "Warframe" Demo
Kim Ramón's Foreign Language Demo
Kim Ramón's Videogame Demo
Kim Ramón's Audiobook Demo
Kim Ramón's V.O. Narration Demo

Session Musician
Kim Ramón Sung English Multiple Genres
Kim Ramón Sung Multiple Foreign Languages
Kim Ramón Sung English Character
Kim Ramón Full Production
Kim Ramón Impersonations
Kim Ramón Improvised Whisper, Conversation, Yell Levels
"Ride of the Doc Apoc" arrangement of "Ride of the Valkyries", arranged, recorded & produced by Kim Ramón.
"Big Bot Bop" composed by Lindsay Jones, with additional lyrics by Bilal Dardai.
Both pieces showcased in "Doctor 'Doc Apoc' Apocalypso" & "Sung Character" demos.
RP Standard British Accent script courtesy of pronunciation coach Phyllis Cohen.
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For a more thorough representation of Kim's voice over work, including client reviews on her 5 star rating as well as a list of vocal skills, please visit her profile.
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